Dr. Joe Jordan, a Liberal Democrat scientist and software engineer, has been nominated to stand for Parliament in Hertsmere, against Theresa May’s conservative candidate.

Dr Joe Jordan and Hertsmere Liberal Democrats in Radlett

Hertsmere Liberal Democrats Launching Dr Joe Jordan’s Parliamentary Campaign in Radlett

Joe said “I am delighted to be fighting for the real opposition to Theresa May’s weak and wobbly Brexit government. If nine Lib Dem MPs can scare the prime minister into calling an election, just think what more could achieve scrutinising Brexit.

“The Liberal Democrats are working for an open, tolerant and united Britain. We will put a penny on income tax to give the NHS an extra £6Bn, guarantee the state pension triple lock delivered by Lib Dems in government, and give Remain and Leave supporters alike a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

“Personally, I am in politics to defend people from their governments. Abroad in Chechnya and Syria, politicians take a negligent or hostile approach to human life, which is a stain on our reputation as a civilised species. In the UK, the government think that it, like the East German secret police, may inspect the intimate details of our lives – now in the form of our digital footprint.

“It is also our top priority to heal the wound that Brexit has inflicted upon our society. The polarisation of this disunited kingdom can be undone, but it will take reasonable compromise, and the assent of everyone to the final outcome, to bring us back together. That is why we are campaigning to negotiate a soft Brexit, remaining if possible in the Single Market, and to hold a referendum, with an option to remain, on the final deal.”

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